BREATHE the movie Coming Soon!


Written & directed by Michael, BREATHE the movie due for release in June is
a visual album of the record by the same name.

"SLIP AWAY" with me on a musical journey as we get in and "DRIVE" to a better life -
on a "WANDERLUST HIGHWAY" through these musical "PHOTOGRAPH's" that take us from a
"COLORADO STATE OF MIND" to "L.A. WOMAN's" city of angels. Where you "FILL YOUR HEART"
with only love, and give it all away for free - from a heart "SKIPPING STONES",
longing to "BREATHE", sending out ripples, that wash over me.

It was only natural to extend the audio version of these stories in song from record to film.
To be a songwriter is to be a short story writer. Painting stories of song through fiction, non fiction,
abstract, metphors or poetry with the color of words. Framing scenes, guiding paths,
but letting the listener interpret the view. Knowing it's not the destination, but the journey
that makes the trip worthwile. - Michael Schroeder





Movie Soundtrack's



"A Mr. Scrooge To See You"


Michael's song " Say A Prayer For Me" is featured in Salty Earth Pictures film "A Mr. Scrooge To See You"
The song " Say A Prayer For Me" is from the CD " Fuel For The Soul" available here

Movie " A Mr. Scrooge To See You" available at Christianbook.com or www.saltyearthpictures.org



"Journey to Paradise"


Music from the Salty Earth Motion Pictures soundtrack "Journey to Paradise" featuring 10 Michael Schroeder Songs
is available on CD

The movie's Original Soundtrack CD features 10 Michael Schroeder songs Including the"Journey To Paradise
theme song", "The One", "Paradise", and 7 Christmas songs "Reason for the Season" "Hark The Herald Angels Sing" "Silent Night", "I Wish You A Merry Christmas", "O Come All Ye Faithful", "Joy To The World", "Angels from the Realms of Glory" available on CD at Buy Now

Journey To Paradise Movie Trailer Below

Journey to Paradise the Movie as


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