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To Be Saved
Words and Music by Michael Schroeder
Copyright Worldwide Impact Publishing (ASCAP)

1 John 1:9,1, John 2:12, Luke 13:3, Isaiah 30:15, Luke 5:31-32

Lord, help me Jesus, I’m down on my knees
Confessing my sins again, Lord, help me please.
I bet on my life when I fall away,
But in heaven’s light I want to bathe.

I feel the world draggin’ me down.
Forgive me by your Grace.
I want to be saved, to be saved.

Lord, hear me Jesus, please answer my prayer,
This world of temptation has led me nowhere.
I search for the right, but I fall to the left.
I search for the truth - I look for your gift.

I feel the world sellin’ me out,
so won’t you hear me pray,
I want to be saved, to be saved.

So grant me the courage, lend me the strength,
Teach me the patience, give me the faith.
And if I should stumble, if I should fall,
Grant me forgiveness, Master, most of all.

I want to feel the love of God, so on my knees I pray
I want to be saved, to be saved.